Sunday Blues

Cornflower Double Strand Bracelet

Cornflower Double Strand Bracelet

Today’s theme appears to have been blue: the sky was a perfect bright Autumn blue when I woke up (although sadly not for long!), I chose a blue stripy scarf to keep the chill at bay, felt a little bit blue about the clocks going back and the darker evenings ahead, and squeezed in the opportunity to make several pieces of blue-toned jewellery this evening…

Sparkling Blueberry Necklace

Sparkling Blueberry Necklace

I rarely get a chance to make jewellery at the moment, but the pliers came out this weekend! I fulfilled an order (the blueberry necklace), made a birthday present (the cornflower bracelet), and finished off some earrings to wear to work that I began earlier in the week. Obviously, the latter being the most important ;)

I’d planned to bake some spicy pumpkin cupcakes for the family to celebrate Halloween but with no time to spend in the kitchen today it was lovely to be a little bit crafty for an hour or so instead.

Shell Drop Earrings

Shell Drop Earrings

Seeing the deep blue beads scattered across the table, the little discarded snippings of wire curling around each other and the sparkling crystals catching the light made me long to get back into it again. So many beads, so little time!

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5 Responses to “Sunday Blues”

  1. San Dee Says:

    Hi Gill
    I really like your blog, your jewellery and your cakes :) I thought I’d mention your blog onto mine, I used some of your pictures and your banner to illustrate my article, let me know if you prefer me not to.
    I really like your cornflower bracelet by the way!
    San Dee

  2. Gilly Says:

    Hi San Dee, thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog, how lovely! I’m off to have a little browse of your blog now :) …. xx

  3. Nina Breddal Says:

    Hi! Just had to say that the blue bracelet looks gorgeous – do you take your own photo’s? It’s such a beautiful colour, I think it would make a great photo to hang on the wall, let alone wear and enjoy! X

  4. Dazzlers Says:

    Absolutely stunning – the blue is so deep, so vivid – somewhat entrancing – beautiful piece

  5. Gilly Says:

    What lovely compliments, thanks :) Yes, I do take my own photos, but I sometimes spend ages trying to get a shot I’m happy with!

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