Happy New Year!

Butterfly and Flower Birthday Cupcakes

Butterfly and Flower Birthday Cupcakes

New year, new cupcakes! Sunday was my fab friend’s birthday, so I’ve made these purpley-pink butterfly and flower cupcakes to take into work tomorrow… She loves lemon, so there were no difficult decisions to be made about which flavour to choose: lemon sponge with lemon curd filling, topped with lemon mascarpone frosting. I usually make the lemon frosting by adding lemon juice and icing sugar into the mascarpone, but today I simply whisked in about half a jar of lemon curd to 250g mascarpone. It works just as well and has the added advantage of forming a slightly less wet and smoother frosting.

Butterfly and Flower Cupcakes

I made the butterflies  by using a PME butterfly plunger cutter on thinly rolled out purple-dyed  flowerpaste – it dries harder than sugarpaste and holds its shape better when placed on moisture-rich icing such as mascarpone. The butterflies all have food-grade white wire antenna pushed into the sugarpaste bodies – they haven’t shown up in the photo which is a bit of a shame, as they give them a finishing touch :)

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