New Baby Biscuits

New Baby Biscuits

New Baby Biscuits

Quick shot of some of the iced baby shower biscuits I made today for some Mums-to-be. I’m liking the purple flowers on the blue and yellow cookies, think it makes them a little bit more interesting than just with the white icing detail. I haven’t baked for a week or so, as I’ve been too busy – I didn’t even have time to make anything with hearts and glitter for Valentine’s Day (sob) so it was nice to get back in the kitchen today. Just need to box them up tomorrow when they’re dry…

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7 Responses to “New Baby Biscuits”

  1. Anna Stassen Says:

    Oh my gosh these are just SO lovely, how perfect for a baby shower :D

    Anna xx

  2. Gilly Says:

    Hiya lovely Anna :D Thanks so much, I hope the Mums-to-be like them! x

  3. JG Says:

    These are sheer genius Gill. The prams look so delicate. Nice work!

  4. Gilly Says:

    Why thank you Mr. Fox! ;)

  5. Debbie Says:

    Wow, I just found your blog. I have to say that I don’t know what’s yummier looking- your confections or your jewelry. I just love your sense of color. Do you take your own photos? All of the picures are absoulutely perfect. I have bookmarked you and plan on coming back for more color inspiration.

  6. Gilly Says:

    Hi Debbie, thanks so much for leaving your lovely comment! Yes, I do take the photos myself – a white background is my speciality, lol ;) I find it difficult to get them just right, so can spend longer than I should on them!
    Do pop back again soon, hoping to do some more baking in the next few weeks :D
    Gilly xx

  7. Fem Says:

    Gorgeous can i buy?

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