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Lemon Gluten Free Cupcakes

Lemon Gluten Free Cupcakes

I made some gluten free lemon sponge cakes this week for a Friday get together with a couple of good friends. I used Doves Farm gluten free flour as usual, but I felt they tasted a little bit weird this time – like potato pancakes! The flour does include some potato flour as part of the gluten free mix, but I haven’t noticed it before. I think I overcooked them a little, a mistake I often make with gluten free – gf cakes can be a little bit dry so its best to take them out a few minutes earlier than regular sponge. Anyway, they were OK and served their purpose: tea and cake with friends, lovely :)

I blogged the recipe a few years ago, click here to see how to  make them. I haven’t sold them very well with all my complaining about potato and dryness, but they’re normally pretty good and most people don’t even realise they’re gluten free! Also, I highly recommend chocolate brownies made with Doves Farm flour to the recipe on the back of the flour packet. The recipe is here on my blog and is also on their website. Totally yum!

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