Autumn leaves…

Autumn cupcakes past

Autumn cupcakes past

It’s been a long time since I updated the blog. Summer has come and gone and now here we are in lovely, misty, crunchy Autumn. Gillyflower Jewellery and Bakery are on hold while I complete the final year of my degree, so for now I will just have to dream of past baking.

I’m hoping to do a sneaky bake next week just for friends, sadly there’s no time to take orders while I’m in dissertation-stress-mode! Time to get a move on with my studying and stop procrastinating…


rustles and crunches beneath my feet

as golden rays light a thousand leaves of summer

turned amber, red, brown.

Scents of warm, gentle earth

and smoky air

fill my senses and comfort me.

A deceit.

For it is stripping back:

Bare branches

Bared soul.

I must act now

in the slow, creeping autumn

before it is too late,

before the death that is made by winter.

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