I’ve been blogged :)

Make Jewellery Magazine

Make Jewellery Magazine

Yes, another post about Make Jewellery Magazine ;) I was flicking through it again this afternoon, it’s a lovely read. I like the layout and the beautiful photography – I think it has more of a fashion magazine feel compared to some of the other crafting magazines.
Being included in the “Make a Purchase” section has been great for boosting my profile, not to mention how much fun it was to walk into WHSmiths after work and buy a magazine that I was in – I couldn’t help letting out a little squeal of joy! 
Poppy Asymmetric Necklace

Poppy Asymmetric Necklace

My lovely crafty friend Helen has blogged about it over on her fabulous new blog Original Minnie and I’m chuffed to be in a post on Folksy Finds about the latest Folksy sellers to make it into the magazine.

As a newbie to blogging it’s quite exciting to find yourself on someone else’s blog :) I’ll be posting about Original Minnie later in the week – Helen makes gorgeous handmade button jewellery.

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  1. Anna Stassen Says:

    Congratulations your designs are SOOOO lovely you know I am such a huge fan :D This is very well deserved xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Gilly Says:

    Aw, thank you so much! You are always so lovely and supportive – everyone needs an Anna in their life :D ♥ xxxx ♥

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