Rose MocaChoc Cupcakes

Rose MocaChoc Cupcakes

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Ok, so I really need to start blogging about my jewellery, but cakes seem to be taking over my life at the moment! I should have some new jewellery to blog about tomorrow, and I have an interview with Original Minnie coming up over the weekend. But for now, back to the cupcakes!

These chocolate and coffee cupcakes are based on the choca moca cupcakes in “Cupcakes” by Susannah Blake. Yes, that book again:) I obviously can’t rest until I’ve made every single recipe in it, lol! I didn’t put any chocolate-covered coffee beans in the mixture as suggested, as I didn’t have any, so I put 40g of chocolate drops in instead. I also changed the amount of coffee (by mistake!!) – I put 2 tablespoons in rather than 2 teaspoons! But it doesn’t seem to matter, they just have a richer coffee flavour.

I’ve iced them with chocolate butter icing instead of the recipe’s coffee icing because the extra coffee I put in the sponge was enough. I finished them with handmade pink fondant roses, mainly because I’ve been dying to try making them for a while and this was a good excuse :) I thought they’d be really hard to do, but I think they’ve turned out OK. What I’d really like to try is large white chocolate roses, but I need some cocoform, and a bit more talent, for that! I’ll have a go when I’ve had a bit more practice :)

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