Happy Birthday Grandad!

Grandad Birthday Cake

Grandad's Birthday Cake

I haven’t blogged for a while, as I’ve been baking like crazy for various occasions… This weekend I made the Nigella marzipan cake again, but flavoured with orange rind and a little juice, and then divided between three 8″ cake tins. When cool, they were sandwiched together with orange zest buttercream and then covered in marzipan and fondant. It’s a trial run of my Grandad’s birthday cake for next weekend – he’ll be 84! Aw :) I had fun making a fondant Grandad, I think it kind of looks like him, lol…. Once I’d finished playing around, I used up the left-over fondant to cover the cake in daises, and took it out into the garden for afternoon tea with the family, yum! It’s my first time doing a fondant cake, so I hope I’ll get better at it, and faster too, as I spent way too long in the kitchen today!

Daisy Cake

Daisy Cake

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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Grandad!”

  1. Sakura Says:

    I am in awe (>O<) of your baking its all so LUSH!!

  2. Gilly Says:

    Thank you hon, I really love trying new recipes – my poor family are a bit fed up of cake sampling though haha :D

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