Christmas Cookies

Craft Fair Cookies

Craft Fair Cookies

Today I made a few fondant decorated Christmas cookie lollies, as a bit of a practice for my first craft fair of the season at Belton House on 21st November. I’m woefully under prepared and am having a bit of a panic! I had to pull out of Drill Hall in Lincoln because of the flu, so Belton House is now my first one of the season. It’s probably the only one I’m going to do this side of Christmas, as I feel really busy with my new job and don’t seem to have the time to make lots of jewellery and try out new cake recipes as I’d planned. So this afternoon I squeezed in a little bit of prep and tried out my designs for the cookies I’m planning to take with me to Belton. I think they’ve turned out nicely, but I’d like the pink to be more cerise as it looks a bit red. I”m also going to get some purple organza ribbon which should look better with the pink cookies :)

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3 Responses to “Christmas Cookies”

  1. LeeAnn Says:

    They look amazing and perfect. How I wish that at least I can have a bite, lol. You’ll do good. I wish you well.

  2. Laura Says:

    Oh gosh they look fantastic!

  3. Gilly Says:

    Thanks so much both of you :D They were really fun to do – but time consuming!

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