Chocolate Cheesecake


We’re having this for Sunday lunch with Grandad today! I used the Nigella recipe from her website to make the chocolate cheesecake, and then decorated it with white chocolate curls and shards of dark chocolate that I’d studded with pistachios. I’m really disappointed with the dark chocolate topping, I wanted it to sit very neatly on top, but it has glooped at the sides a bit! Next time I’ll allow it to drip down the sides as she suggests, that should look so much better :)

….I’m a bit nervous, this is my first ever cheesecake as I was vegan for years and cheesecakes have taken a long time to grow on me…. eeek, I hope it tastes nice!

4 Responses to “Chocolate Cheesecake”

  1. Paris Pastry Says:

    It looks gorgeous!

  2. Gilly Says:

    Aw, thank you :) It wasn’t really to my taste, but my Grandad liked it, lol! :D

  3. Laura Says:

    Hey, I’m glad it turned out well!

  4. Gilly Says:

    Thank you hon! :D

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