My Favourite Time of Year

My Cherry Tree

I just love April for it’s fresh new shoots, buds and bulbs and the gorgeous blossom on the trees. The cherry tree in my garden has been slow in coming out this year because of the cold winter, but I cut a few twigs for my Easter display and the warmth of the room has brought out the beautiful pink blossom. The twigs are now adorned with homemade iced biscuits, along with some wooden hearts and eggs from a lovely little shop in Stamford called Rapport. I really enjoy display and decoration, so Spring is basically just a very good opportunity to make my tiny house look pretty!

Cherry trees are my favourite blossom trees, and we have always had a pink cherry blossom tree in every garden we’ve had. As a little girl I was adamant on having an outdoor wedding and planned on walking down an aisle of pink cherry blossom trees (in a light blue dress) as the breeze gently blew the petals around me like confetti!!

It won’t be long now ’til my tree has burst into full bloom again… I’m quite pleased that it’s late coming out – it should be just perfect for my birthday  in a couple of weeks :)

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