Racing Car Cupcakes!

Racing Car Cupcakes

Racing Car Cupcakes

It was my friend’s little boy’s birthday on Saturday, so this is what I made for the party. He was six! Aw :) The board is covered in fondant with a track and little boulders and flowers, most of which you can’t actually see in the photo. The cupcakes are chocolate with chocolate buttercream topped with racing cars, sixes or candles and checkered flags.

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4 Responses to “Racing Car Cupcakes!”

  1. Kerry Ashley Says:

    This is gorgeous. I am actually going to create this for my nephews 6 birthday in April who before I saw this said he wanted cupcakes with racing cars and 6s on so perfect. I googled racing car cupcakes and yours came up. Even though I make cupcakes this is going to be a challenge. !!!! Did you just use a cake board or something else. Thanks


  2. Gilly Says:

    Have fun! I really enjoyed doing this :) Yes, I used a really large cake board and covered it with fondant. Hope your nephew appreciates all your hard work… Feel free to post a link here to your photo when you’ve finished – I’d love to see! Gilly x

  3. Leora Says:

    This is a great display, thank you for sharing it! I was inspired by your design and created something similar. Here is a link if you’d like to have a look:!/photo.php?fbid=329389647093999&set=a.140455762654056.17086.140445462655086&type=1&theater

  4. Leora Says:

    Sorry that link doesn’t work!!/photo.php?fbid=329389647093999&set=a.140455762654056.17086.140445462655086&type=1&theater

    Hopefully this one works or if not, then my page address is


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