Handbags and Shoes Cupcakes

Shoes and Cupcakes

Shoes and Cupcakes

I made these girly shoe and handbag cupcakes on Monday and took them into work today as it was my boss’s last day – she loves shoes and bags. I made the decorations at the weekend, and really had fun with them although they took quite a long time to do as I cut the shoes out by hand. I’m definitely going to get a shoe cutter set to make the process quicker and easier. I tried a new chocolate cake recipe, but was not very impressed with the results – will stick to my normal recipe in future!

I also made these record and headphones cuppies to coordinate with the shoe and handbag cupcakes for another colleague leaving on the same day. He DJs, so I thought these would be appropriate, even if they are a bit pink and girly, lol!

DJ Cupcakes

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8 Responses to “Handbags and Shoes Cupcakes”

  1. Anna James Says:


    These cupcakes are amazing! – Can I ask how you made the shoe and bag moulds – did you buy them online?



  2. Gilly Says:

    Hi Anna! Thanks so much :)

    I cut the shoes out by hand, using rolled out flowerpaste and a sharp kitchen knife – I guessed about the size and shape. To make the soles of the shoes curve, I found a tiny plastic box that had a curved edge and laid them over that to help them dry in the right position. The bags were simply formed out of sugarpaste by hand – they’re actually fairly easy to do and didn’t take any where near as long to make as the shoes! You can buy shoe cutters online from cake decorating shops, I think JEM does a set, which would take the guess work out and make the process much quicker and easier!

    Gilly xxx

  3. kbakesem' Says:

    How did you get the fondant so perfect on the tops of the cupcakes?

  4. Gilly Says:

    Hiya :) Thanks for your question! I just cut each circle of fondant out with a straight edge pastry cutter, popped it on top of the cupcake (over a little bit of buttercream) and then smoothed it across and down the top of the cake with clean dry hands, trying to ease the edges of the fondant down inside the cake case to avoid any rough edges. Hope that makes sense!
    Gilly xx

  5. Diann Wisse Says:

    Great sharing with us, thanks.

  6. mimi marquez Says:

    hello i’m super interested on the shoes and bags cupcake.
    how much? how many days?

    call me 9328680002

  7. Jackie Says:

    would love to know how u did the headphones? doing a “music” party for my DJ husband he would LOVE them.

  8. sophie Says:

    these are amazing! although if i had made them i wouldnt be able to resist eating them

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