Happy Birthday Jez!

Apple Computer Cupcakes

Apple Computer Cupcakes

My little brother was 27 this weekend, and he came up to visit to celebrate our parents wedding anniversary (also this weekend!). He’s a visual effects artist and has done films like Harry Potter, Stardust, 2012 and Inception – how cool is that? So computer cupcakes seemed like the way to go…. They’re lemon sponge, filled with lemon curd and topped with lemon butter cream, finished with blue fondant icing and my handmade sugarpaste decorations.

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3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Jez!”

  1. sara Says:

    hi – I’m fairly new to baking – never used fondant before and I want to replicate the cupcakes you made for your brother’s 27th for my brother’s 30th. Any chance you can give me step by step instructions. more specifically, with the fondant – did you cover the entire cupcake or just the top of it? Did you use poured or rolled? Also, how did you create the iphone?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Gilly Says:

    Hi Sara, thanks for asking! I don’t have step by step instructions, but I did a tutorial for making sushi cupcakes a while back and some of the first steps include how to cover the tops of the cupcakes with rolled fondant. Its in the online UK Handmade Magazine Autumn 2010 issue, pg 38: http://www.ukhandmade.co.uk

    Basically I cut out a fairly thick circle of rolled fondant (you can use a glass or a smooth edge cookie cutter with a diameter of about 6.5cm) and placed it neatly on top of the cupcake, having first smoothed a little mound buttercream over the top of the cake. Gently ease the fondant down towards the sides of the case to hide the edges of the fondant. For this to work you need to only fill your cupcake cases 1/2 or 2/3 full of mixture when you come to bake them, so that the cakes do not rise up above the tops of the cupcake cases once cooked.

    The iphone was just a piece of white fondant formed into a little block, topped with a very thin layer of black fondant and then finished with a little white fondant Apple logo that I cut out by hand – it was tiny so I used a cocktail stick and my finger nail to help me shape it! I used gel colouring (such as Sugarflair) to get a nice strong blue and black colour.

    If you recreate the cupcakes and upload a photo online, I’d really appreciate it if you credited me with the original design and linked back to this site :) Thank you.

    I hope you have fun making them and your brother likes them! Its so hard to think of cupcakes for boys / men, isn’t it? An Apple theme always seems to go down well :D
    Let me know how you get on,
    Gilly x

  3. Sara Says:

    Hi Gilly – Thanks for the direction. They came out great! I don’t have a website but happy to credit you on facebook! Thanks for inspiring me. I ended up using marzipan for the black as I heard it’s very tough to get fondant to true black. It was a bit sticky but cornstarch seemed to help.

    Happy to send you a photo. Just let me know where to email you or facebook you.


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